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Here are some commonly asked or assumed ideas about wedding planners that you may not know or may not know how to ask. When in doubt, ask your planner- and know that we are here to help!

We keep strange hours, but we’re doing the best we can!

Wedding planners (try to) work mostly normal hours from Monday to Friday (in addition to attending industry events and conferences in the evenings.) On weekends, we are either working events or taking time to rest. Our Communication clause will give you a good idea of when you can expect to hear from us. We promise that we'll get back to you as soon as possible, but understandably cannot be available 24/7 to respond.

We want your love to be The Neverending Story- NOT the planning part

We know that designing a wedding is so exciting that if given the chance, we might have a wedding a hundred different gorgeous ways! Having a planner means that you have an experienced design professional who knows will help you choose an appropriately beautiful and complimentary color palette that you will love and remember for a lifetime- eliminating the need to redesign* over and over and over again. *Full redesigns will incur additional fees.

We are multitalented, but not when it comes to manual labor

In order to keep our fees lower for you, we do not keep staff on a regular basis and they are only brought in as needed. As such, only small items are included in set up such as guest book, card box and place card settings. Setting up linens, tables, chairs; using tools, ladders or other labor is best left to professionals who do that faster and better than we ever could! We will connect you with the right pros to get the job done right!

We value our vendor relationships and trust them to quote you a reasonable price

Our best vendors are already giving us the best price that they can. After all, knowing that they're working with a professional planner for a smooth wedding day is just another incentive for them to work with us! Please trust our discretion to know how and when to ask for any wiggle room or negotiation without expectation. It is alwaysour top priority to find you the best vendor at the best price- if we feel that the price provided isn't fair, we will discuss this with the vendor or seek out a new one.

Putting you, your loved ones and vendors in harm's way is never an option

If the weather or an unforeseen hazardous risk occurs that could put anyone in the vicinity of your event in harm's way, we will discuss the situation with your vendor team & any necessary authorities on the safety of moving forward. Our team will not agree to place ourselves or team in any circumstance that puts anyone in danger of illness or injury of any kind.

Rules are Rules

Please don't ask us to do something that you have been told or contracted not to do with one of your vendors or your venue. Rules are rules for a reason (and in our industry often come out of a disastrous incident!) This also puts us in a bad situation with our vendor partners, who will be unwilling to continue working with us/you or provide us with the price & service we deserve.

Staying in Our Lane

A planner's main job on the wedding day is to supervise the production and fruition of all other vendors' work on a strict timeline. As such, our attention is placed first on you as a couple, your families and being in numerous places at once to oversee and ensure everything is coming together for your arrival. This involves tremendous focus that cannot be diverted to other tasks.

Wedding Week is very intense for us, too!

Wedding week is a busy week for everyone! You are getting in your wedding zone, having family and friends arrive, attending final fittings and the clock is ticking! We are preparing for our final meeting with you, making last minute vendor and timeline arrangements and corrections, managing last minute calls requests and also managing our other clients as well. As such, we do not run errands unless agreed to or an a la carte hourly package is purchased in advance for such details throughout the planning process.

We love travel, but we aren’t travel agents

With our limited travel expertise, we are happy to recommend travel agents to assist you with your arrangements or an a la carte design and research package can be purchased to assist with these details.