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Wedding Websites & Invitations: What information belongs where?

Many couples have questions when it comes to deciding what information goes where when it comes to the details of their wedding.

Whether you've already started your wedding website or are just designing your invitations, here is a handy chart to help you determine what belongs where:


ITEM                                                                        INVITATION          WEBSITE          

Date & Location(s)                                                    Yes                       Yes

Addresses for each location                                Yes                       Yes

Time of ceremony/reception                                  Yes                       Yes

RSVP Date                                                                   Yes                       Yes

Hotel Room Booking Information                         Yes                       Yes

Wedding Website link                                               Yes        

Personal Story (how you met, etc.)                       No                        Yes

Who your wedding party are                                  No                        Yes

Things to do around your town/venue(s)            No                        Yes

A link to your gift registry(ies)                             No                        Yes

Gift requests (including money)                                  NEITHER!   


There are a few key things here to notice- see that most of your information should be placed on your wedding website? 

In this day and age, there is a lot of information to give guests for your wedding and most of us are all on the web on a near constant basis. Allowing wedding guests the ability to get everything in one place on their phone or computer makes it easier for them AND less questions for you! Not to mention, it saves money having one simple wedding invitation card directing guests to a wedding website rather than printing and including several cards in with the invitation (which creates additional weight, adding postage.) The benefits are endless!

The second important thing to note here is that specific wedding gift requests (money, most importantly) DO NOT get included on your invitation OR your wedding website. It is considered a faux pas and is unnecessary for several reasons. (Gift registries and Honeymoon registries are allowed on the wedding website.)

I will be discussing this issue in another post of its own, but asking for wedding gifts of money is both inappropriate and actually...pretty tacky. Everyone is aware of the cost of weddings and that you are paying that money off quickly or saving for something special (like a house, or a honeymoon.) If a guest wishes to give you money, that is their choice alone (and will not be swayed simply by creating a registry, so don't worry.)

Guests who like to give cash will give you cash. It's easy and everyone knows it's what you *really* want. It doesn't need to be expressed in writing so if you want to spread the word- have your wedding party and family let others know if they ask.

If they ask you directly? Tell them you're saving but that you also created a wedding registry for some fancy new home goods. If they know you well enough, they won't ask and if they don't, they'll get the hint! 

Need more wedding etiquette advice for your special day? Drop me a line and I'd be happy to help! After all, a wedding planned with your guests comfort makes for the most memorable day!

To your love,


Photo by  Hanafoto

Photo by Hanafoto