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Why “Day-Of Coordinators” Aren’t a Thing (and Why You Don’t Want One)

Photo by Ever and Anon Photography

Photo by Ever and Anon Photography

Wedding Planning is HARD. It’s expensive and all consuming and there comes a time when doing it all yourself is just not fun anymore.

So...you’ve decided you need some help- but you don’t want a wedding planner.

“Wedding Planners are too expensive!”  (Wait until you find out how expensive it can cost you NOT having one…but that’s a different article)

“But I want the credit for planning my own wedding!” (All yours! Common misconception though!)

“My mom and my bridesmaids are happy to help!” (They’re secretly not. And it’s kinda mean to put your mom and your best friend to work on your wedding day.)

“I just need someone there on the day of the wedding!" (to make sure everything I did turns out PERFECTLY!)”

So you’re inquiring with planners about their pricing for “Day-Of Coordination” (I already spent all my money! If I have anything left, I’ll hire a coordinator!)


Over the last few years, there has been a shift from calling “Day-Of Coordination:”

“Month-Of Coordination”

The benefit here is not ours, couples- it’s for you. We understand that you think you’ve planned everything to a tee and the only help you need is to have someone walk in the day of the wedding and just hang out and watch as your perfectly planned day just happens all by itself (sorry, it doesn’t.)

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then this will help you understand why no professional planner would ever walk into your wedding without needing to do extensive work 4-6 weeks before the wedding day (approximately 10-20 hours worth!)

-If you want her to look at and review a single contract in detail that you’ve signed with any vendor;

-You want her to contact your vendors to make sure they show up on time and confirm they’ve been contracted to do everything you need;

-You want her to make you a detailed wedding day timeline for you and your vendors;

-You want her to coordinate delivery and set up and tear down times with your venue and warehouse teams;

-You want her to attend the rehearsal or help plan a rehearsal dinner;

-You want her to see the venue or meet any of your vendors in person, by phone or email before the wedding day;

-You need any last minute recommendations;

-You want her to answer any questions you have about anything prior to the wedding day;


This is Month-Of Coordination, not “Day-Of.”

Can you imagine having a stranger walk up to you on your wedding day and ask you who or where your photographer was? Directions to where the reception was? What the guests were having for dinner? Having her pull you aside from the dance floor to make a list of things that needed to be done at the end of the night?

Now if a planner tells you they will charge you a lower rate or that they will work your wedding day for “just a few hours,” they are not a professional planner. They may be new and using your wedding as practice for their portfolio (danger! Do you want your one special day to be someone else’s guinea pig?) or they may not understand how much work is involved in preparing for a wedding (this lack of general knowledge will not bode well for even the basic details of your wedding.)

Month Of Coordination is not for the weak- it means you are confident finding all of your vendors and signing contracts without review and doing all of your DIY projects and handling vendor communication until the eleventh hour on your own.

If you think you need a little (or a lot) more help than the above, many planners like myself offer a middle ground called Partial Planning (a very popular package, it consists of month-of coordination with ongoing guidance and meetings so you can plan your own wedding with confidence and a safety net- see here for more info!)

Placing a value on making sure the wedding of YOUR dreams goes as smoothly as it possibly can by being executed through the eyes of a professional should be worth its weight in gold (which isn’t even what we expect you to pay, how about that!)

Give yourself peace of mind. Let your friends and family relax and watch your beautiful smile from ear to ear all day long without having to miss a thing because they’re put to work.


Leave that to me.


To your love,



(Have questions about what Month-Of Coordination includes or doesn’t? Email me at Chelsea@ebtrweddings.com anytime!)